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ACI provides a wide range of two way radio services for military, government, public safety, industrial and commercial mission critical radio network users.  We are focused on RF consulting delivering best practices to mission critical radio users.  We often audit existing radio networks and identify the radio networks strengths and weaknesses.  We provide FCC Radio station licensing to include frequency coordination, application work and construction notification. 

SCADA / Telemetry Radio Communications Networks  Consulting and design of SCADA radio networks. SCADA radio studies, installation, pre-turn up quality auditing, and optimization for municipal water distribution and wastewater collection systems, oil and gas distribution, environmental monitoring, and other industries.  ACI regularly provides SCADA radio design services to water, environmental and electric power utilities.  ACI is a GE MDS and CalAmp sales and service.  If you are a SCADA radio network consultant, controls system integrator or end user please visit our site that is specific to SCADA radio network design, construction, and maintenance for this informative website www.scadaradionetworks.com
Microwave Radio Links - Propagation analysis, design, licensing, and installation for both licensed and license free microwave radio technology.  We can perform FCC Part 101 microwave system licensing.  900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz 5.8 GHz, 6 GHz, 10 GHz  up to 60 GHz Networks
RF Consulting and FCC Licensing -Choosing the right frequency or band of operation for a 2-way radio system can be tricky.   Savvy frequency selection, frequency testing, and two way radio FCC licensing experience can make all the difference.  
Hospitals; - Emergency room MEDCOM Two Way Radio System. Including local medical channel (LMC MEDCOM), state medical channel, Roll Call (AKA MRC or MED-8), Compliance with State of Florida MEDCOM Communications Plan for ACAH certification.  Design construction and maintenance of Broward County's communications MedCom equipment both UHF and 800 MHz.  ACI is actively providing security, facilities, environmental departments and emergency operations repeater services to hospitals.  ACI is the prime vendor to the South Broward Hospital District, HCA and Tennent Facilities in Broward County.  We know Life Safety and public safety radio systems must be on line all the time.  ACI is available 24 - 7 for on call service to our hospital clients.
Two Way Radio Communications Systems - We supply quality two way radio portables, mobile vehicle radios, base stations and repeaters for commercial, governmental, and industrial organizations.  
 Municipal Two Way Radio Services City, county, police, fire, utility, and public works dispatch systems including public safety, emergency management services are all local government organization we support.  We provide fire station alert systems, base station, mobile and portable two way radio stations.
Two Way Radio System Builds - Project management, logistics, quality control / quality assurance, and budgeting assistance.  Tower services, site audit reports, complete facility maintenance, including transmission equipment installation and servicing. 24 hour / 7 days a week on call service contracts available.  We have constructed everything from large scale two way radio networks, to cellular build outs and paging systems.  We have extensive history project managing cellular and paging system infrastructure.  
 Radio Network Design, Construction, and Maintenance.
Coaxial Transmission Line & Antenna System Testing / Sweeping - Our staff excels at high importance factor radio antenna system testing work.  We can sweep television and FM broadcast antenna systems, all microwave 2 way radio systems up to 20.0 GHz, and all 2 way radio antenna systems.  ACI utilizes the latest Anritsu Lightning network analyzer for high quality repeatable measurements.  We also have a variety of Anritsu Sitemaster RF sweeping tools, including an assortment of 2 MHz - 4.0 GHz models.  Tuning, matching networks, and coaxial transmission line quality testing for television, FM, microwave, cellular, and public safety two way radio systems even high frequency antenna systems. 
Communication Site Acquisition - Assistance for both existing and new radio transmission facilities including propagation / feasibility studies for two way radio networks.
Satellite Two Way Radio and Telephone Service - We assist clients in technology selection, installation, maintenance and testing of the network readiness of their mission critical, disaster readiness communications gear.
Long Range Two Way Radio - Government and military marine voice and data applications.   SSB medium frequency (MF) and high frequency (HF) two way radio network system consulting, design, construction and maintenance.
ACI can also provide preventative maintenance and 24 hour / 7 days a week on call services.  ACI can assist you with your 2 way radio, SCADA and broadband wireless telecommunications needs, as well as optimize your existing 2 way radio system.


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