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Advantage Communications is not currently looking for a talented RF professional, but if we were the following describes a well positioned applicant

Employment Oppertunities
ACI Position not currently Available
Two-Way Radio Technician

The Position:
* Advantage Communications, Inc. (ACI) is in the market for a qualified RF technician to design, construct, maintain, repair and consult on RF based communications systems.

The successful applicants personal characteristics:
* Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, lives a healthy life, honorable, understands and practices the golden rule.  Has no reservations about taking a drug test, background or credit check Etc.


* Applicant must have a clean florida drivers license and driving record.
* Applicant must have experience in working on two-way radio systems (Motorola, Kenwood, others, consoles, tone remote gear, conventional, trunked, Microwave, Etc.)  Two years of electronics school or 4 years equivalent experience in the industry.  
* Key skills and abilities include basic knowledge of audio, RF digital microprocessors, computers and electronic circuits as found in two-way radio communications systems.  
* Ability to use and comprehend required test gear such as RF service monitors, communications test sets, spectrum analyzers, antenna system sweep testing equipment, DMM, Etc.
* Ability to read and sketch, schematics, building plans, mechanical drawings.
* Ability to interpret and apply information in equipment service publications.
* Ability to communicate with employer, clients, peers, tech support persons effectively
* Ability to perform with minimal supervision.
* Applicant must have good mechanical understanding and skills.
* Applicant must have knowledge on how to work safely around materials transporting, usage, and handling.  Work safely around high voltage, antenna tower hazards.  Work safely with and around power tools.
* Must have the ability to work in an environment of self-starters and promote a team environment.
* Must be familiar with Motorola R-56 and other industry standards
* Ability to work irregular hours and travel on an infrequent basis.
* Applicant must be intelligent and have the ability to focus attention on work.

Job Duties
* The purpose of this job is to design, construct, maintain, consult on RF communications based systems for a multitude of commercial and industrial environments.
* Major tasks include troubleshooting which site, system, module, or component is defective.
* Repair customers system by implementing repair or restoration.
* Communicate effectively with customers, contractors, supervisor, assistants, and others.  To relate ACI needs to vendors, deliver training to clients, understands clients needs.
* Create document in the written work.  Documents such as invoices, proposals and reports for maintenance performed, consulting Etc.
* Program radios, consoles, computers networks, with customer specific information.
* Understand how to align radio system equipment using industry standard AF and RF procedures.
* Determine approach, priority, and schedule for various projects.
* Perform inventory on supply parts in shop and service vehicle, maintain test gear and cables.
* Provide client service documentation for invoicing, requested paper work filed / turned in timely.  
* Be able to travel occasionally with overnight stay.  
* Required to perform physical labor outdoors from time to time.
* Required to be able to use a ladder safely.
* May be required to lift up to 50 pounds.
* May be required to work long hours after hurricane or similar event.
* Must follow safe work procedures at all times.
* Must respect and treat with the highest regard customer and employer equipment.
This list is only partial.

Two-Way Radio Technician:

Must meet the above requirements.  Must have knowledge of, maintaining, troubleshooting, performing preventative maintenance, programming and repair of the following but not limited to.
* Motorola, Kenwood, Tait, and Icom base stations, repeaters, and portables.
* Controllers
* Tower top amplifiers
* T-1 systems and leased phone line circuits
* Voting systems
* Antenna systems
* Simulcast systems
* Consoles Motorola, Zetron, others
* Digital Radio Concepts
* Microwave systems basic concepts
* Training of peers

Advantage Communications, Inc. is looking for top quality applicants to work with a winning company.  ACI is looking for applicants that will work hard for the company and in return ACI will work hard for the successful applicant.  

Mark Lavallee
President and Founder


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